• Summer Company Picnic at Avery Park on Monday, August 19th! All locations will be closed. 

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours every Friday @ 5pm!

    • Dine-out tonight! Tuesday, 8/13 for Community Outreach Inc.


  • This is written by myself (Paige), and I think Nick Abrew is the coolest and most handsome-est dude.

  • Zachary Cochrane is hereby 86’d from all Block 15 locations following an incident on Sunday, Aug. 11. His mugshot can be found online, and he normally wears yellow glasses. Grab a manager if he comes into a location again. S/O to Kat, Tyler and James for properly handling the situation. From here forward if this type of situation occurs again remember to never hesitate to grab some back-up to support your enforcement, such as grabbing someone from Kitchen or Brewery to back you up if the situation calls for it.

  • We would like more a bit communication regarding ticket times from both FOH and BOH. Our kitchen is small and we pump out a ridiculous amount of food out of it, BOH workers on the line should never feel ashamed for asking for a quick helping hand from a prepper to drop 3 buns or make a nacho, and FOH should communicate w/ kitchen to ensure timing is as consistent as it can be, if times are running high, FOH can always offer a quick Chip/Salsa to fill the time if their group has received their food before them.


  • A customer advertising their upcoming event dropped of small fliers that have been on the front barrel for the last few days, going forward we don’t want anything advertised there unless it is from us specifically. Promoters are still free to post on the community event board next to the broom closet as always.


  • GJ with Pretzel tracking! I think we can all agree it was Tyler who has been sneaking off with them and eating them in the distro cooler. Onto Shrimp tracking!

  • Read through recipes completely and consider the keys to success before beginning to prepare the item, even if it is a recipe you’re familiar with, consistency is key!