• Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours every Friday @ 5pm!


  • If you press the star and pound keys in order on the alarm system it creates a panic alarm and calls the police department and immediately dispatches them, FYI! Please don’t do that, however it is good to know in an emergency. 

  • Make sure the daily cleaning projects are getting done before the opener leaves! And make sure to sign off on things when you do them. 


  • Make sure to suggest the barrel room for reservations if people call and ask about our reservation policy. The reservation process is still the same (have them email! 

  • We’re almost out of pre-labeled crowlers, so we’ll be needing to hand label blank crowlers in the interim before we get the shrink wrapped ones back in stock.


  • Keep an eye out for tracking info for this week - depending on things we may still track shrimp, but if not Manny/Tyler will assign something else.