• Summer Company Picnic at Avery Park on Monday, August 19th! All locations will be closed. 

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours every Friday @ 5pm!

    • Dine Out next Tuesday, 8/13 for Community Outreach Inc.


  • Thanks for rocking out this weekend everyone!


  • If anyone has any questions about future Community Table events, please direct them to Paige ( 

  • Please let K10 know when we are getting down into the bottom 3 layers of crowlers so she can put in the order with enough time that we don’t run out. 

  • We have changed the safe codes, and in that process have unintentionally permanently locked the downstairs safe. In the interim, please just keep the backup bank downstairs inside one of the filing cabinet drawers while we’re open ONLY. Please ask a manager about the new safe code if you haven’t already. 


  • Good JOB with a capital J-O-B!