• New Monthly Specials start today!

  • There is a remodel of the downstairs happening for two weeks starting the 16th! It will be a significant improvement of prep space and employee space specifically! This means, there will be some strange things happening during this time: you may be scheduled project shifts to help with moving things, the employee space won’t exist as of the 17th (it will be in the brewbar area), and prep will be in the game room and the game room will be closed.

  • Take your employee belongings home from the break room by the 16th 😊 Anything left over, will be donated as walls will be demolished starting the 17th.

  • Just an FYI, although the bullets for sauces are smaller- it is still the same amount of sauce you would receive in a larger bullet.

  • Please bring a spoon with Lamb Meatballs when the dish is being shared.

  • With another round of illness, please review the sick call policy and follow the directions when you’re ill. If you are confused about what symptoms warrant staying home- call to discuss with a manager.

  • We will be adding the tomato & basil garnish that comes on the garlic cream linguine to the pesto pasta as well! For to go orders for these pastas, the garnish will come on the side.


  • We have decided to bring the 10:45/10:30 server in earlier. If you are scheduled this shift please prioritize by first: stuffing menus, then checking with the opener and seeing if they need help, and finally moving to picking lists (pick bar list first).

  • When picking lists, please put it away ASAP and don’t leave at the end of the bar as it looks cluttered.

  • When you take calls or write down an item to keep an eye out for the lost and found- please date it so we can take it off the corkboard at an appropriate time to declutter that space.


  • During prep construction, it is very important to be diligent on organization of food items and triple checking dates to avoid food waste.

  • There will be a dishwasher daily during construction since we won’t have a prep dishwasher. Please help organize for them when you can.

  • Fryer station: Keep a watchful eye on the ice used to keep fish cool- it should be changed every 4 hours but check it often as we move into summer.