• Fresh Flow & Cassidy Release- Saturday June 1

  • Beavs Super Regionals in town this weekend

  • Employee discount applies to drafts or to-go beer only- packaged beer for in house consumption is regular price for employees

  • Clean bar mats should be placed on server side of clean kitchen floor at close

  • Mac and Cheese will now be served a la carte – guests are welcome to add a salad/soup/side o’ fries if they’d like (just like pasta)

  • Let’s talk lettuce wraps: Mayo will not come standard on the side, but any other flavored sauce or mayo will. Tuscan chicken will come with red wine vinegar and olive oil added, a side of pesto, no mayo. Guests may request mayo of course, hook ‘em up.

  • Reminder: please clock out promptly after completing work tasks: this means before changing shoes/clothes/etc.  


  • Ketchup: Only married ketchups need to be refrigerated at night. Ketchups that have been married can gather in a cranberry-colored rack on counter by packaged beer cooler to be put in refrigerator at close. Ketchups freshly filled can stay at the two stations to be used as backups the next day. Refrigerated/Married ketchups should be the first placed on tables in AM. This rotation process & refrigeration will prevent fermented ketchups. As always, wipe them down and keep an eye out for weird bubbles.

  • While having the front door open can be super nice, guests’ comfortability is #1. Please let a manager know if it gets too breezy, or stuffy, and ultimately, it’s the manager’s decision what happens with the door

  • If you need help as a server it is our expectation that you ask your float or leads on the floor for assistance. Knowing that you need help is a good thing! Also, please be cognizant of stacking tickets, this prevents a healthy flow for both the kitchen and the bar.

  • Under no circumstances should glasses other than rocks glasses or kids’ cups should be stacked in dirty racks. Especially taster glasses- they’re fragile!

  • Closers should now be putting chairs up at night (not bar stools)


  • Let’s continue weighing proteins this week when we can to ensure we’re super nailing it

  • Thanks for being awesome and rocking another busy weekend!