• New cocktails starting June 18th!

  • Don’t forget the remodel of the downstairs is happening for two weeks starting the 16th (this Sunday)!

  • Take your employee belongings home from the break room by the 15th 😊 Anything left over, will be donated as walls will be demolished starting the 17th.

  • Please wash your hands and sanitize frequently- another round of sickness is going around.

  • Going forward, the tap room will not have more diversity in retail. They may have more sizes but call over there first to check before sending a customer all of the way out there.

  • It’s so important that we’re repeating it: during prep construction, it is very important to be diligent on organization of food items and triple checking dates to avoid food waste.

  • Please brew a new pot of coffee if you’re the last to take some, if you don’t know how, ask a friend.


  • Please pace your tickets when ringing in food and drink tickets, food especially. This ensures guests are getting their items at appropriate times and that the kitchen and bar aren’t getting overwhelmed. 


  • Nothing should be on the bottom of the reach-in other than ketchup overnight. It won’t circulate properly.

  • Make sure the balsamic is portioned properly on the bruschetta for consistency.

  • Drain the market veggies really well for the Mediterranean Salad- should be drained once in prep and again on the line.

  • The board will no longer be served with a lemon.

  • Keep an eye on the TLC bread toast level- should be a nice light gold color. Also, make sure everything is distributed evenly on the sandwich for proportionate bites.

  • Fryer station: Continue to keep a watchful eye on the ice used to keep fish cool- it should be changed every 4 hours but check it often as we move into hot weather this week.