• Block Friday THIS Friday, 11/23 - cool cellared beer for sale, retail discounts, and a dope food special

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    • Block Friday THIS Friday, 11/23

    • Civil War (UO vs. OSU) on the big screen! 1pm on 11/23

    • Dine Out next Tuesday, 11/27 - Kiwanis Club of Corvallis

      • The Kiwanis Club of Corvallis inspires and engages men, women, youth, and other community members to make our community a place for vulnerable children and seniors to thrive.

    • Try our new fall dessert option→ Apple Cinnamon Handpies! 


  • The next few days should (save for Thursday obviously) may be a bit busier than normal, especially Block Friday! We’re going to run an awesome chicken pot pie special for that day...woo!


  • It’s corni filling awareness week! Paige will be compiling a how-to/FAQ write up that will live in the binder. Once this is posted is its required that you read it and make yourself familiar with it. There may be some minor procedure changes with it. In the meantime when we’re filling cornis, 1) make sure to only have clear beer coming out of the CO2 blow-off line. Don’t take it off when you see foam, you have to make sure clear beer is coming out! And then 2) do not fill it too fast. It should be a VERY slow, VERY soft hiss coming out of the blow-off line. If it goes too fast it creates a ton of foam and can also uncarbonate the beer. In the meantime before the write-up if you have any questions please ask a manager! 

  • Always look for pre-broken-up single cans before you break up an existing four pack. All it does is leave us with a bunch of loose cans!

  • Make sure you are using the organic milk for the FOH milk stor-n-pours. 

  • Put the sandwich board out at night and bring it in in the morning please! It got added to FOH lists as a reminder:)


  • Leave caramel out at room temp (do not refrigerate) so it doesn’t go out cold and the consistency stays saucy.