In addition to our traditional barrel-maturing program, we also produce wild and sour beer, cooled and spontaneously inoculated in our custom-fabricated coolship (the first to be installed in the Pacific Northwest). This program is inspired by the great lambic beers of Belgium, and it's built in cooperation with the thriving population of house microorganisms found in our brewpub's wild cellar. After cooling and initial fermentation in the coolship, this beer is also aged in barrels—in this case alive with yeast and bacteria famous for producing complex and delicious wild beers, like lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and pediococcus.

Beers from this program include Turbulent Consequence, 100% Gangster, Snozzberry, Kriek, Cardinal Coalescence, Golden Canary, and variants of Framboise.

 Our custom-fabricated coolship and wild brewery, installed in 2011.

Our custom-fabricated coolship, installed in 2011.

 A portion of our wild cellar, located in the basement of our downtown brewpub.

Part of our wild cellar, located in our brewpub basement.