• School starts tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 4th) so make sure you watch the school zone speed trap!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Bloktoberfest cans, Flicker cans, The Pitch bottles, & Oud Bruin bottles

    • New merch dropping this weekend! Hoodies, mugs, & hats! 


  • If a vegan sandwich gets rung in, make sure that there is no butter or mayo on the bread (for example, we butter the artisan bread on the tempeh club).

  • Pepperjack will now be an option for burgers! 

  • We’re going to add the Vegan Tempeh BBQ sandwich officially to the menu.

  • Try to keep the employee room upstairs organized…don’t just throw random things in random places!

  • FYI there will be no Tap Talks until November (maybe). The leadership changed so they’re trying to reorganize/restructure. 


  • Over the next few months Garrison will be using the barrel room a lot for plating/blending/etc., so that room needs to be broken down 100% every single time after barrel room events. 

  • Please use the VEGAN menu button when you know someone is ordering a sandwich vegan - it just makes it more obvious for the kitchen that there should be no mayo, butter, etc. 

  • Put a date on lost and found things so we know when they were found! 


  • Shrimp tracking one more time this week, keep it consistent!