• Local Eats Week next week!

  • Welcome Board:

    • New hours starting Monday, Sept. 30th

    • Brewery tours every Friday at 5pm!


  • Local Eats week next week! Manny is doing a stuffed bell pepper w/ lamb and some other goodness. Manny will have more details as it gets closer. FOH - make sure that when it gets written on the board you write all the local purveyors. 


  • Use Bloktoberfest coasters!!!!

  • Managers should be the only ones pulling from the distro cooler. If you notice we’re low on beer, check in with a manager and they can try to figure it out with distro.

  • Apparel wise - managers should be the only ones doing major restocking, however please feel free to go grab other sizes if we’re out downstairs. If you do so, please write that you took something on a clipboard that will be readily visible in the apparel area. 

  • We have an amendment to our corni procedure - K10 will be posting the new procedure shortly! 

  • To reiterate - PLEASE make sure that the barrel room is broken down after every event. It should be the server/manager who is handling the event most of the time, however if you notice that the room is still set up please take the initiative to break it down! Garrison thanks you in advance! 


  • Salsa tracking looked good! Keep up the good work.