• School starts next Wednesday, Sept. 4th so make sure you watch the school zone speed trap!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours every Friday @ 5pm!

    • We are open on Labor Day!


  • Make sure you’re familiar with our GF, vegetarian & vegan options and can accurately explain them to customers. There is a vegan cheat sheet and customer menu behind the bar, and we’ll have allergy lists printed for our next round of menu items as well. At the very least you should know where to find the information.


  • Be intentional when writing food specials - feel free to write local purveyors names, but you don’t need to write every brand name down. 

  • We have nice olive oil available for salads, drizzles, etc. FYI! PLEASE only use the nice stuff for the O&V dispensers (do not use the blend). 


  • Keep an eye on cold fry chicken - if it looks greasy don’t serve it! 

  • Save small/short hot dog buns for hot dogs only - don’t use them for shrimp melts (they make the shrimp melt look too skimpy).

  • SHrimp tracking looked great! Let’s track one more week and make sure that’s true:)