• Summer Company Picnic at Avery Park on Monday, August 19th! All locations will be closed. More details in this week’s brewsletter, along with the RSVP!!! 

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours still going on Fridays at 5pm!

    • Final Blues, Brews & BBQ tomorrow!!!!

      • BBQ: Texas Brisket

      • Blues: Mark Lemhouse


  • We don’t care which mop is used FOH or BOH - the grease content at the TR isn’t high enough to warrant having two separate mops. BOH, if you do use a mop to clean up something nasty, please change it out. FOH, conversely, please use your discretion and don’t use a rank-looking mop!!!! 

  • If any delivery person asks, our official delivery hours are 9am to 5pm only.

  • When walking through the brewery, do not walk directly through the middle of the production floor. Use the walkway past the walk-in door, and then past Matt’s office/the lab and the bottle conditioning room and then through that back door. If you need to talk to someone or go in the middle of the floor for any reason, please verify it is safe and at the very least put safety glasses on. FOH, if you need a keg bucket, go thru the barrel room and grab it that way.


  • Make sure to keep moving, even if we’re slow. Obviously take breathers when you need to (especially when we’re super busy and it’s hot out), but don’t lollygag around and stand behind the bar doing nothing! 

  • Keep aware of staying in roles - if you’re at the cashier station, don’t suddenly bounce to go run food/do dishes/etc. and leave the cashier station unattended. 

  • On the above note, though, EVERYONE should feel empowered as a non-manager to direct people to jobs they see aren’t being done. So, if you are cashiering and you feel like food needs to get run, instead of leaving your cashier station, ask a fellow employee to go run food. 

  • We’re ordering cider directly from 2Towns from here on out (K10 will be doing it). So, when tapping the last cider keg please write on the “Comments” section of the keg whiteboard “Please reorder” so K10 can check that and reorder. This also ensures we have a full keg’s worth of time to get new kegs in stock. Please ask a manager with any questions. 

  • Since the organic milk cartons fit so perfectly in the fridge door, let’s just keep milk in those from here on out! No need to stor-n-pour it any longer!

  • On that note, please make sure you’re dating the milk too as you open it!!!! Closers, this is going to get added to the closing list to check the milk date and make sure it’s still .

  • B1-B5 → keep an eye on spacing. That space is cramped with the 5 stools sometimes depending on the people, so if you notice one of the stools getting pushed into the well area or off to the side please move it somewhere else for the time being while those current bar customers are sitting there. 


  • Make sure to cover the tempeh club adequately with tempeh pieces! There should be 7 to 10 pieces of tempeh based on the bread size.

  • Let’s do tomato salad tracking one more week! Make sure to track that excess liquid that gets drained off.

  • Focus on double initialing - if you make something, have someone else taste it to verify it’s dope AF!