• Barmhouse being released on Thursday 7/4 (draft and bottles)

  • Summer Amusement and Wandelpad being released on Friday 7/5 (draft and bottles)

  • Summer Shortcake being released on Saturday 7/6 (draft/MC & Employee bottles on Friday 7/5, public bottles on Saturday 7/6)

  • Welcome Board:

    • Blues, Brews & BBQ today!

      • BBQ: Santa Maria Tri-Tip

      • Blues: String Theory

    • Next week Blues, Brews & BBQ 

      • BBQ: Aloha Spare Ribs

      • Blues: Henry Cooper


  • We’re going to keep sliders on the Secret Menu for Sundays and not advertise them. So we can offer them to anyone who asks, but they won’t be on the chalkboard. That’ll be the standard going forward! 

  • 86 stromboli forever, as well as pea shoot pesto as pea shoots are out of season! 

  • We will be replacing the stromboli with a new cool seasonal salad this Friday, details of which will be in tomorrow’s brewsletter.


  • When you bussing tables and a customer asks you for another beer, feel free to bring them one if a) you’re not busy and b) they have a tab already open. If they don’t have a tab currently open, please direct them to get into line to start a tab and get an order in. If you are busy but they do have a tab open, direct them to the reorder line! 

  • As most of you have probably seen, we have a new smix container! It’s a jug with a nifty pouring spout. To back it out, pour 1 quart of smix into the jug and fill the rest with water! Easy peasey! This also means no more smix in stor-n-pours.

  • When you pour a can of beer in house (if we’re out of draft), change the price to be the same as draft (so, if a can of Gloria is served in house, it should be $4.75/can, not just a dollar extra). Bottles can stay the same, though, a dollar extra for the “corkage” fee. 

  • FYI Goody is going to take over Game Room reservations from Katy. Email will stay the same ( but the person contact will change to Goody! 


  • Keep spot weighing chopped pork!