• Summer Company Picnic at Avery Park on Monday, August 19th! All locations will be closed. More details in this week’s brewsletter, along with the RSVP!!! 

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours still going on Fridays at 5pm!

    • Blues, Brews & BBQ!

      • BBQ: Blueberry Pork

      • Blues: Adam Scramstad


  • Make sure you’re not letting salads sit in the window for too long (they get weighed down and start to un-fluff and look sad). This is for the Arugula & Freekeh Salad especially! 

  • On the note of Arugula & Freekeh Salad - the large size goes straight into a small pie tin, and the small goes into a silver bowl (it’s different than our other salad/sides!).

  • With brewery tours happening on Friday evenings, please make sure you keep in mind that they will be getting done around 6pm-ish, so before you go cutting staff be aware you may get a 15-20 person push right around 6pm! 


  • The monthly cleaning list lives in the white binder now, FYI (if you didn’t know)! Make sure to check those projects during down time and tackle some. Also, if you have feedback or new project ideas, let Paige know and we can add them on/adjust as necessary! 

  • Please keep an eye on credit cards and who you’re giving them back to!!! A good thing to do is read the name back to the customer as you’re giving it back. This is a great double check to confirm with the person that they are indeed the right person!   


  • QC your arugula - make sure it’s not wilted, and make sure you also trim the stems off!!! 

    • To the tune of TLC’s “No Scrubs”: 

No, I don't want no stems

A stem is a thing that can't get no love from me

Hangin' on the end of the leaf

Annoying my teeths

Trying to holla at me

  • Before you blend cooked garlic cloves into the confit, make sure to taste one so you ensure that it’s sweet and not astringent. Also re-taste once the confit is done so you can ensure it’s well balanced (not too truffle-y).