• Summer Company Picnic at Avery Park on Monday, August 19th! All locations will be closed. More details in this week’s brewsletter, along with the RSVP!!! 

  • Yoga & Beer this Sunday, 7/21

  • Second round of new menu items this Friday, 7/19!

    • Nashville Hot & Cold (replaces CBA)

    • Smoky Tempeh Club (replaces Jerk Vegetable Cubano)

    • Chipotle Tri Tip Sandwich (replaces Torta)

    • Board Items:

      • White Truffle-Garlic Confit (replaces Artichoke Tapenade)

      • Habanero-Lime Jicama (replaces curtido)

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours still going on Fridays at 5pm!

    • Blues, Brews & BBQ!

      • BBQ: Turkey Legs

      • Blues: Slipshod


  • Just as an FYI, the Friday noon BOH shift should transition into dishwasher support in the evening hours (as a primary role - don’t feel obligated to stand ready at the dishpit every second, but you shouldn’t get roped into any big projects or anything). 

  • On the topic of dishes, make sure to clear dishpit between services (lunch and dinner). The dishpit should be clear between the AM prep and before the dinner rush starts → this is especially important on Fridays, Blues Brews days, and any other busy day! 

  • We’ll be adding smoked chicken as a meat add-on so we have a healthy chicken add on and not just that diiiiiirrrrrrrty Nashville Hot & Cold meat add-on!


  • Let’s keep on making sure the retail area stays tidy consistently throughout the day, not just at open and shift change!


  • Make sure marinated tomatoes are staying drained!!!! We don’t want a ton of oil being left at the bottom of bowls when customers order it.

  • As you’re cleaning the grill nightly, make sure to hit the inside of it with the putty knife to get all of the carbon buildup off!