• Pints and Pilates this Sunday, 7/14

  • New menu items this Friday, 7/12!

    • ZAT (replaces Asparagus Burrata Press)

    • Tomato & Burrata Salad (replaces Spinach & Bulgur Salad)

    • Country Pork Pate (replaces Smoked Oyster Mousse)

    • House Smoked Mozzarella (replaces Alsea Acres Chevre)

  • Welcome Board:

    • Brewery Tours starting this Friday, 7/12

    • Blues, Brews & BBQ!

      • BBQ: Aloha Spare Ribs

      • Blues: Henry Cooper


  • Welcome Andrea and Josh as our new Tap Room FOH’ers! (Sorry Andrea this is a week delayed!💜)

  • We’re going to start serving the BBQ special at Brews Blues starting at 5:30pm, FYI!

  • Remember that with any new menu items (i.e. Arugula & Freekeh salad and new menu items this Friday and next) you can get a 100% discount if you give substantial food feedback!

  • If you left any shoes at the pub during the remodel you better come get them by Friday or else they’re going in the trash! 


  • When tapping new kegs, make sure to keep an eye on the whiteboard and see if there are instructions on which keg to tap next (i.e. chunky, ¼ bbl, etc.). Matt Holland will try to flag them as well to be obvious to tap next. On the note of tapping new kegs, the tapping order should go as follows - if there are two kegs stacked, the top one tapped, but a single keg in front of that stack, please then tap the front keg next (so when that one blows you can just pull it out and tap the one behind that was under the first tapped keg). The gist of it is please just tap the front keg!

  • Also, for chunky kegs - if you are pouring beer and you keep pouring and it’s still chunky, feel free to then tap another keg. Please FLAG that chunky keg that you pulled, though, either with a growler tag, tape over the keg, or writing about it on the whiteboard, so that Matt H. knows why that keg was untapped not empty.

  • Let’s keep an eye on the apparel area. Regardless if it’s shift change, open, etc., anytime you have a minute and it looks messy try to tidy it up! Also, if it looks pretty unstocked feel free to let a manager know or let Beth know directly so we can try and get it restocked!

  • NEW CROWLER MAINTENANCE PROTOCOL - No longer use a sani rag to wipe the parts down! Please use one rag that is just soaked with hot water to wipe all the greasy parts down. After you wipe everything down with the hot water rag, dry everything off with a dry rag (make sure it’s all bone dry!) before re-oiling and putting back together.


  • Openers, make sure you do the daily cleaning task before you leave/are phased!

  • Still guac tracking this week! It looked great last week, keep up the good work.