• Welcome Board:

    • Yoga & Beer on Sunday 6/9!


  • Keep the walkway between the kitchen and the ice machine and the stairs clean and tidy!!!! Don’t let stuff clutter up that darn walkway! Going forward, there should never be anything stored on the side of the stairs...the bread racks will now live next to the rag/towel closet. Please be diligent with this!

  • Feel empowered to make a phone call, pub run, or store run to get restocked with important items we’re out of!! Don’t go days and days without having items like paper towels, Simple Green, soap, etc. on hand.

  • On the note of restocking, make sure you are looking everywhere for things before officially 86’ing something. Oftentimes Manny keeps extras of items in the upstairs dry storage, so make sure you check in all places, or at least ask someone if they’ve seen the item around.

  • Popsicle protocol - when the kitchen gets a popsicle ticket, they’ll put it in the window. It is FOH’s responsibility to then grab the popsicle, put a paper muffin cup on it, put it on a white plate and run it to the customer. Please ask if you have any questions about the protocol!

  • The kid porkie has been taken off the printed menu, but it is still available as an option for kiddos and as a secret menu option, FYI!


  • Let’s advertise how bomb our hot dogs are by writing it up on the specials board accurately- please write that it is a Snake River Farms Wagyu beef hot dog when writing out the special!

  • When processing donation beer (be it in kegs or cans), please ring it in as normal and then manager amount off the whole amount. It still needs to get rung in the POS for inventory purposes, so you can’t just hand it over without ringing it in! Also, no OLCC paperwork is required for giving out canned product!

  • Maintenance log awareness week! Closers, please leave it out at night and openers, be sure to check it in the morning to make sure there are no issues that need to be taken care of, items that need to be restocked, etc. This is the best way for us to communicate with each other without having to be texting constantly, so please utilize it!

  • When restocking crowlers, do not put them in right side up! It is unsanitary and stuff can fall into them. Stock them UPSIDE DOWN!

  • Remember to take the tape off of third pans being used for flatware presoak so they look nice when in the bus stations.

  • Please ensure that you are stocking all packaged beer that is available! Do a double check and make sure that what is in the restock area matches what is in the cooler (last week Spring Amusement wasn’t in the reach-in for a few days, but we had it available in the restock area!).


  • Make sure you still garnish everything sexily and correctly, even in the busiest of times!

  • There is going to be a designated gray tub for marinating meats. This is so it doesn’t get stained/smelly for the bakers to use! Please always use that tub!