• Welcome Board:

    • Blues, Brews & BBQ next Wednesday, 7/3

      • BBQ: Santa Maria Tri-Tip

      • Blues: String Theory


  • Please complete all side work/shift change before phasing - FOH, make sure everything is cleaned up (bus tubs emptied, windows cleaned, etc.) before phasing down to less staff so if you do get busy again things are reset appropriately.

  • Let’s re-try the slider thing - this Sunday we will have sliders available but won’t advertise on the chalkboard.

  • Keep working on that food feedback! When you get feedback, make sure to remember to write it down! And again, BOH - if you order food off the menu make sure to give feedback on it! 


  • If people seem annoyed/confused that we offer our sandwiches a la carte, please feel free to give them a brief explanation as to why we do that - when we used to automatically offer chips, a ton were getting wasted, so instead we just lowered the price of our sandwiches and give people the option to add if they want it! 

  • We will no longer be offering half portions of carne asada (it’s such a small amount for a good chunk of money). A full portion will now be $8, but please don’t suggest it as a nacho add-on...only give it if a customer asks specifically for it and is aware of the price

  • Make sure to stay up on beer 86’ing communication. If it gets 86’d because of quality issues, communicate that with staff/managers/brewers and write it in the 86 log. Also make sure to flag the keg so it’s obvious that we shouldn’t re-tap it - put a piece of tape over the top of the keg. Bottom line is communicate!


  • So we make sure that our carne asada is staying tasty and flavorful, let’s stop steaming it! 

  • Chopped pork tracking looked pretty good, but let’s keep weighing it.