• Welcome Board:

    • Grab some Red, White & BOOM! this Friday, 6/21!

    • Make sure to stock up on your Red, White & BOOM! for the 4th!


  • THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for kicking so much butt this weekend!!!!!! It was a rough one, and you all rocked the house. BOH, you kept up on ticket times like bosses, and FOH, you did great with making the best of a never ending stream of people. You are all incredible and the weekend would not have gone as smoothly without you!

  • GET THAT FOOD FEEDBACK YO! BOH, record some feedback even if it’s your own! FOH, please prompt when you’re busing dishes or cashing people out...take a minute to note what they had on their order and ask specifically, “How did that CBA taste for you?”

  • When you run out of something, anything, write it on the middle of the prep board! Even if we do have it or it’s on order, at least it’s on someone’s radar.

  • This Sunday we will have sliders available but we’re not going to write them up on the board or advertise them. We want to see how popular they actually are without prompting!

  • Mop awareness reiteration - please please please everyone keep an eye on your mop water. If it starts to look even a little bit dirty, go and swap it out for new water. We’ve had a number of instances lately where the floors look awful and like they got mopped with muddy water. Same goes for making sure you don’t have too much water on your mop still - wring it out at least 3 times before using it. If you slop water on the floor, mop it up/spread it around so it can dry. We’re going to crack down hard on this so please be diligent!


  • If we are randomly out of toilet bowl cleaner, you can use Comet as a replacement!

  • Especially on busy days, try to let people know as they’re ordering that we bring their food out WITH silverware! This will deter then running and potentially double using silverware.

  • When an item gets 86’d’ and there is a long line, make sure to communicate that with the line. Whoever puts up the 86 sign, take a second to run through the line and let people know what we’re out of!

  • If a keg return is processed via Square, take cash out of the til and be done! No need to replace it from backup, put a placeholder slip, etc. If you can’t process it in Square (aka: it’s been too long) then pull the cash and use the placeholder sheet.

  • The sign between 4Spirits and us should go half on sidewalk half on grass - make sure to leave room for pedestrians (especially wheelchairs!).

  • Let’s not forget to reprint tickets of 8 or more items so the kitchen can hand the reprint to you so you can start running some of the items as they come up in the window. It also helps to not bog up the window with a ton of plates.


  • Put a few drops of peppermint oil in the mop water before you mop! It helps deter flies!

  • Since most people already order the BLT on artisan bread, let’s just start using that as the new standard from here on out.

  • Chopped pork tracking this week - please label when items were pulled and if the weight has been logged. Let’s try to get it perfect this week!