• Welcome Board:

    • Come grab cans, bottles, crowlers and growlers and celebrate your grads & your dads!


  • Mop awareness please! Do not use too much water when mopping the floors...if you slop a bunch out make sure to mop it up extensively so it dries. Also make sure to change your water out frequently! It’s very obvious when dirty water has been used.

  • We’re still tracking chips, so keep on being diligent with portioning and tracking! We’re going to put a tally sheet out for when FOH runs chips & guac/salsa for tables with long ticket times. Please utilize that!

  • There hasn’t been a ton of food feedback lately so let’s try to get some this week! As you bus tables, walk by tables, or cash people out please ask folks how things were and cajole some feedback!  


  • If someone holds a dairy/egg item to make something vegan, confirm that it is for sure vegan so then all the mods can be made - no bun toasting mayo, etc.. Basically just get all the pertinent info from customers and figure out what they actually want/need - are they holding mayo cause they hate it or cause they’re vegan?! No cheese cause of dairy free or vegan?!

  • Let’s actually mop (with the cloth mops) bathrooms on Monday and Friday mornings - these are days we put new mop heads on so they’ll be fresh and clean to mop the bathrooms. Add a few drops of peppermint oil into the water so (especially for the mens urinal) it smells nice. We’re doing this since Cintas no longer comes to deep clean. You can keep on swiffering all other days of the week.


  • You all = rockstars.