• Welcome Board:

    • Join us for lunch! Open at 11:30am daily!

    • Tap Talks & Dine Out on Tuesday, 5/14 for 500 Women Scientists of Corvallis

      • Tap Talks is “Local Solutions to Climate Change”


  • Thanks to all for rocking such a busy weekend!

  • Keep an eye on the artisan bread used for the asparagus press - make sure you’re using parts of the bread that will keep the sandwich appropriate size-wise! We don’t want anything too bitty.

  • Because of the reorganizing of the kitchen, the big whiteboard with the prep list and the ordering list now doesn’t fit where it used to live. So, going forward, if you need to re-order any sort of supply/food item/etc., write it on the whiteboard next to the read and signs. BOH, your new prep list will live on the side of the stainless reach-in next to the Hobart.

  • With larger parties who are individually ordering, try as hard as you can to put them all on one hop card (Azacca 1, Azacca 2, etc.). This way the kitchen knows it’s one big party and can try to get the food out as close to the same time as possible, and groups don’t feel awkward because one person is still waiting for their order!


  • If a group has an app-style thing in their order but didn’t specify it to come out first, please suggest that it does! The kitchen can quickly turn around items such as chips & guac/salsa, hummus, nacho, etc., and it makes tables happier overall if they at least get some part of their meal within a reasonable time.

  • If you can be aware of it and have the time to rearrange an order, try to ring in the sandwich and side as one so we don’t have a bajillion plates in the window.

  • Openers, make sure to write 86/low items on the tally sheet right from the get-go so we can start tallying right away. We should all still be checking the 86 whiteboard in the kitchen when we come on shift regardless, but the tally sheet acts as a secondary check right at open.

  • We are going to designate ice tea only stor-n-pours - will have a specific color tape on them so it will be obvious.

  • Let’s start detaching the red wine pourer at night so it doesn’t leak wine all over or leak out pressure.


  • You are awesome.