• Welcome Board:

    • Fresh Flow release on Saturday, 6/1!

    • Monthly bottle release on Saturday, 6/1 as well - Cassidy (Wild Ale w/ Flowers)


  • Check out those focus points y’all!

  • Congrats Kira & Tivey on becoming our new BOH Tap Room leads!

  • Draft beer & packaged beer TO GO are the only things that get employee discounts - if you get a packaged beer to drink in house it is unfortunately not discounted.


  • A dedicated vegan menu button now exists! It is on the Misc. page of the POS and has the VEGAN Jerk Veg Cubano and the VEGAN Curry Cauliflower (priced out too). Please use this button to ring in those sandwiches!

  • The fireplace is a bit wonky as we all know, so let’s try the following procedure when turning on - grab a stick lighter from the kitchen; turn on the “on” switch on the gray box; then turn the fireplace key on all the way high, then slowly back it down to about halfway; now locate the  ignitor box in the actual fire pit itself (street side, close to the door of the control system) - there’s a hole to the right side of the ignitor box; put the stick lighter near that hole and light! Try not to let the gas run too long while doing this process as you don’t want a large amount of gas to have accumulated and a big woosh of fire to pop up when you light it! It should be a very quick, fluid process. Please ask K10 specifically if you have questions as she’s the fireplace whisperer!


  • When the first person is phased, please double check the water in the hot tables to make sure it’s not gross.

  • Make sure you take a few seconds to put away your prep items when you suddenly get pulled to help on the line. We don’t want anything to sit out for too long and spoil/go into the danger zone. Line peeps, if you can foresee that you are going to need to pull the prep person on the line, maybe give them a heads up so they can start putting their stuff away.