• Welcome Board:

    • Fresh Flow release on Saturday, 6/1!

    • Monthly bottle release on Saturday, 6/1 as well - Cassidy (Wild ale w/ flowers)


  • ACTUALLY READ & SIGN PLEASE. I don’t doubt that you all are reading this (I hope), but it is MANDATORY to sign it as well. I will be writing people up next week if you haven’t signed last week and this week ! So get on it. Don’t make me be the bad guy:(

  • Tempeh will be an add-on option here as well going forward! The button is in the POS and good to go. It won’t be on the menu, so just verbalize it.

  • We’re going to create a little vegan menu so we can have viable options available for customers, and Manny will also create procedures for BOH!


  • Don’t use the bulk ice tea in the back until it’s past its 24-hour steep mark!

  • We’re going to restart soaking the corni stuff in sani - openers, please soak corni stuff in sani in the AM and closers please dump that sani and let them sit dry overnight.

  • Keep an eye on the greasy external windows! For the big window directly next to the grill area, do this process every morning: spray the glass cleaner ALL over the window (really get it soaking) and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Come back and wipe it down. Don’t be shy using paper towels, either...get a good wad so you can really sop up the glass cleaner. Please be diligent with wiping windows at shift change as well, or whenever you think they look extra greasy. The more we stay on top of it the less of a hassle it’ll be!

  • If you’re trying to make a vegan sando for a customer, always put VEGAN in the notes section in addition to all the mods (i.e. VEGAN, NO MAYO, NO CHEESE, etc.). This allows the kitchen to know that the sando should be vegan and will enable them to catch things that us FOH’ers may miss!

  • Draining dishwasher - drain it after washing those greasy glasses that come from the BOH rack storage, and also drain it if it hasn’t been used for awhile and the water is cold!


  • If someone orders a plain hot dog, please put on the shrimp roll bun.

  • In order to make sure our ice tea is strong and good, from here on out we’re going to start using 16qts of water with the same number of tea bags.

  • Chip tracking - save chip crumbs in a bucket so we can track 100% of chips!