• Welcome Board:

    • Grab a bottle of Wellspring, our newest release in our Abbey Series!

    • Join us for lunch! Open at 11:30am daily!


  • You all = awesome.


  • Openers - please ask for help if you need it! Rely on preppers if you need food run, tables bussed, etc. Also feel free to ask an Alty, Seth, Matt Williams, Paige, Kristen Arzner, etc. as well for help if you’re really in the weeds! If they’re too busy and can’t, they’ll tell you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if it’s for a quick 5 minutes to get you in the clear.

  • Bring the A-Frame in nightly that now lives in-between us and 4Spirits!

  • On the note of the A-Frame, don’t put it out if its rainy! The point is to have it out during super busy times when people are going between the two places, so a rainy day wouldn’t need it regardless!

  • Please take straw wrappers off at the bar instead of handing customers wrapped straws. Those straw wrappers create so much small annoying trash and it’s a pain to pick up!

  • Closers and pre-closers, please make sure to do a good sweep of the outside area to pick up any trash, dishes, dog bowls, or miscellaneous items. Also make sure you grab and account for all the cornhole bags!


  • Weighing bier cheese from now on for tracking - weigh final batch, and then weigh a portion (2oz) so you know what it looks like. More instructions will come from Tyler!

  • With the new arrangement of the kitchen, the closing list has been updated so be on the lookout for some projects being taken off and a few new ones added. Ask one a manger if there is a need for clarification.

  • The weekly cleaning list has also been updated to adjust to our hours changing. There are now morning and evening projects similar to the pub. Again, please follow up with a manager for any clarification or suggestions!

  • Recipes size changes are going to be implemented soon. What is now considered a 1x batch will likely be doubled because of the volume of food we are going through.