• OSU Baseball is happening Friday at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at 6 p.m., and Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

  • Spring Family Weekend is this weekend (May 3th-5th) at OSU - get ready to get rocked!!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Summer hours began on Monday, April 29th! 11:30am-10pm everyday!

    • Audacity of Opacity & TC Peche release this weekend - Saturday 5/4

    • Welcome to OSU Families this weekend!


  • THIS GOT FORGOTTEN LAST WEEK SORRRRRYYYY - We will now have a laminated grid to fill out when we get a number for an item or if it gets 86’ed. FOH & BOH, write the item and the number and then tally as you go. Let’s try and keep the 86 communication strong and clear so we don’t end up having to retroactively fix tickets in the middle of a rush!

  • STROMBOLI AWARENESS WEEK - We need to make sure that the stromboli’s are sized appropriately for their cost. BOH - cut correctly (at least 4 inches wide) & ask if you have questions. FOH - when running them, make sure they are of a sufficient size!


  • When offering carne asada as a meat option, make sure to be clear on the pricing - that shizz is expensive and can scare people away!!

  • As we get busy, stay conscious when ringing in a bajillion tickets - feel free to start to tell folks that food times may be up, even before getting the official call from the kitchen. We’d rather have people be prepared for some long waits and get their food sooner then they expected than the alternative! When it’s slammed and you’re about to take an order for a family with kiddos, suggestively sell chips & guac/salsa, tap room mix, etc. - quick things that the float could put together and run to them and that keeps kiddos happy!

  • We don’t need to put out the sandwich board anymore now that we’re open at 11:30am!

  • On the note of our new hours, openers please turn the patio lights on in the AM so people know we’re open!

  • Now that it’s nice, let’s put cornhole out on a daily basis. It can be set up on that skinny strip of lawn to the north of the patio. Closers/pre-closers, don’t forget to bring it in at night.


  • Don’t use too much water on the floor when mopping at night - if you do dump a lot out to scrub with, make sure to mop it up very well. We don’t want standing water sitting next to the walls - that’s how you get mold!!! It’s also unsafe when it pools and creates more of a mess because then you’re tracking water all over your dry floors.