• Welcome Board:

    • Oyster Week! 4/1-4/7


  • Dishpit awareness week!!! Let’s make a collaborative effort to not let dishes pile up - take a second to run a single load through as you’re passing by the dish pit, be it FOH going to grab a new thing of napkins, or BOH as you’re going to wash your hands in between prep projects.

  • The crosswalk sign goes on the north end of the driveway in front of the yellow corner of the curb - picture is printed out and posted below the hard copy read & sign.


  • Make sure to rinse out anything with smix in it before putting in the dishwasher (stor-n-pours, glassware, etc.). The strawberry seeds stick on glassware and they’re really hard to get off. It also sucks if you’re halfway through pouring a beer and notice a seed on the inside.

  • Please reset tables completely when you wipe them down - this includes wiping them down, resetting coasters/table tents/chalk cups, wiping off chairs, sweeping underneath and pushing chairs in.

  • Remember to be aware of our two full-day discount days - Sunday Growler Discounts ($4 off 64oz and $1 off 32oz) and Mug Club Mondays (HH pricing all day for MC members). Don’t forget to give the appropriate discounts!

  • Oyster fest tokens will be able to be used as cash starting on Sunday if people have them leftover. Please just treat them like $5 cards (so they can receive change back from them). Drop them as $5 cards as well!


  • Keep on keepin’ on!