• OSU Baseball is happening Friday at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at 1:30 p.m., and Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

  • Spring Family Weekend is next weekend (May 4th-6th) at OSU, it will be busy.

  • Welcome Board:

    • Summer hours begin Monday, April 29th! 11:30am-10pm everyday!


  • Make sure food feedback is going on the appropriate form - 100% employee feedback is on the landscape version (on the clipboard below the wastelog) and customer feedback is on the portrait version pinned above the wastelog.

  • As part of closing double-check, make sure you’re closing & locking the windows in the office and the kitchen!

  • Use the maintenance log! It should be written in anytime anything happens in both FOH & BOH (ice machine is broken, firepit is broken (now fixed!), fridge is defrosting, kitchen dishwasher is broken, etc.) Closers, please leave it out at night so then Openers, you can read it in the morning and know what’s going on and communicate accordingly.

  • Make sure mats are being put down right side up so the tops dry overnight and aren’t slippery in the AM. If they are upside down and get flipped in the AM, then the right-side up side is all wet and dangerous!

  • We will now have a laminated grid to fill out when we get a number for an item or if it gets 86’ed. FOH & BOH, write the item and the number and then tally as you go. Let’s try and keep the 86 communication strong and clear so we don’t end up having to retroactively fix tickets in the middle of a rush!

  • Fly awareness week! As we’re getting into warmer weather, we need to be extra diligent with flies. BOH, please set out your sticky traps. FOH, start putting out the fruit fly traps at night (on each tap box and on the second shelf of the dirty glass rack). Also be diligent with cleaning the windows - focus on those little dots and get that shizz cleaned up!


  • If customers move a picnic table around the corner on that odd part of grass to the north end of the tap room, make sure to a) remember that people may be there when running food/bussing things and b) move it back after customers have left so we don’t forget about the table!

  • The main patio door is a bit janky - in order to make sure that it is locked all the way, you’ll need to verify that the static door (the left hand one) is locked fully. This means that the locking mechanisms on the side of the door that click into the floor and ceiling need to be in fully. Once those are clicked in, you can then lock the deadbolt on the right hand door more easily. Please ask a manager if you’re still having issues!


  • Shrimp tracking looked good! Keep up the good work and awesome portioning!

  • On the topic of shrimp, though, while on the line make sure you strain/drain the shrimp if it seems watery.

  • Let’s keep the stromboli pieces as uniform as possible - 4 even pieces should be cut per one baked stromboli. Use a ruler to make sure that those 4 even pieces are as close to the same size as possible!