• Welcome Board:

    • More new menu items coming this Friday, 4/19!

    • Summer hours begin Monday, April 29th! 11:30am-10pm everyday!


  • Keep an eye on ticket printing - BOH, pay attention for tickets not printing for an extended period of time when you know tickets should have been printing. FOH, double check every once in awhile (especially when busy...floats, this would be a perfect job for you) to ensure that connectivity is good and tickets are printing. It’s a big bummer when no one realizes that a bunch of tickets haven’t printed and now that food is super delayed!


  • Closers/preclosers - please re-roll picnic blankets at the end of the night so they’re neat and tidy for the morning. If they are damp/wet (with water) lay them out to dry somewhere overnight. If they got something spilled on them, please let Paige know and she’ll take them home and wash them!


  • Be conscious of the amount of French dressing you’re putting on the Asparagus Buratta Press. It should only be an even, thin layer - don’t overdo it!

  • Please weigh out Face Rock cheddar on the Spinach & Bulgur salad - it should be ½ oz! This equates to 2 Tbsp or a  loosely packed half bullet - but please weigh out at beginning of shift to visualize what it looks like!