• Welcome Board:

    • First Wave of Menu Changes this Friday, 4/12

    • Beerster Egg Hunt 4packs available - $18


  • We’ve had some issues with clocking in and out lately - please make sure to log any edits you have when it comes to your clock ins/outs. Otherwise you send Paige on a wild goose chase of trying to figure out when you worked! Also, if you clock out/in and then re-clock in/out, make sure to give the iPad’s a few seconds in between these two actions (wait 30 seconds). This will ensure that everything is getting processed correctly. Long story short, though, log it in the time edit log - Paige would rather find nothing wrong than go on a wild goose chase!

  • First wave of new menu changes will happen this Friday, 4/12. Details are in this week’s brewsletter.

  • Thanks for rocking Oyster Week, specifically Oyster & Beer Fest!!!! You are all awesome and Paige could not be more grateful to all of you!!!!!


  • Keep on being awesome and diligent with packaged beer sales. Inventory looked BOMB.COM this week, so let’s keep it that way! Pay attention to what you’re ringing in and then subsequently giving to customers.


  • Let Manny or Sarah know any feedback you have on the new kitchen layout!