• Welcome Board:

    • Dine Out next Tuesday 3/12 for Ducks Unlimited

    • Pray for Snow next Thursday 3/14 (Last one!)


  • Daylight savings time is this weekend! Don’t forget to set your clocks forward on Saturday night when you go to sleep.

  • It’s Food Feedback Awareness Week! Let’s get some specifics!


  • Make sure to swiffer under the mens urinal at shift change, especially if it looks wet or smells. On that note, please be diligent in mopping it at night, and when you swiffer the bathrooms in the AM make sure to hit it hard as well. Let’s keep that urinal area smelling good (or as good as it can smell for a urinal:P)

  • There is now a button for a side of au jus...please don’t suggest this, but if someone does ask for it you can ring it in. The button is on the Secret Menu page and it’s $2 for a rami.

  • Let’s make sure to wash the two server trays every night so they don’t get stained/nasty.

  • Always err on the side of under filling milk, kiddos can always come up for refills.

  • As we start to get busier, please be accurate and careful when ringing in/handing out packaged beer. If anything gets swapped/rung in incorrectly, please make a note of it and let Paige know so she can adjust her inventory numbers. It’s really important that everything stays accurate!


  • Keep an eye out for managers implementing some spot tracking of various items here and there!