• NCAA women’s playoffs are in town this weekend (12:00 & 2:30 p.m.). Beavs are the 2:30 game. There will also be a game Monday- TBD.

  • Baseball is happening this weekend as well. 7p.m. on Friday, 1 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday! Get ready for a crazy weekend folks!

  • Tap Room All Staff Meeting tomorrow 3/21

  • Welcome Board:

    • March Madness NCAA basketball on the big screen - both men and women!

    • Welcome to OrangeTheory on Wednesday 3/20


  • If we run out of tap room kids lids, don’t pull them from the pub - they’re different sizes! Please let Chris H. know when we’re running low (less than 2 sleeves) as he’s the one who orders them! For a quick reference, though, if you’re unsure as to which ones are correct, there are letters on the top of the lids:

    • CLLT = Tap Room

    • CLNT = Pub

  • Please remember to reprint tickets if there are 8 or more items rung in so BOH can work off two tickets, and then FOH can use that second ticket to start running food. Use your best judgement - don’t need to reprint a ticket with 8 pretzels (that’s easy enough to remember), but if it’s something complicated or lots of different items, reprint!

  • It’s starting to become fly season! Make sure to set up the traps at night next to high-fly areas (tap boxes, drains, etc.). Try to bus dishes and not let them pile up. In general, just be extra diligent about cleaning!

  • On the note of cleaning, please follow mopping procedures diligently! Take your time!

  • Let’s make sure to keep the swinging kitchen door closed at all times. We don’t want our customers to see dirty dishes!


  • When cleaning the tap box, please do not use abrasive scrubbies on it as it scratches the stainless steel. Just use a white towel!

  • We are going to implement a new open/close procedure for underneath the kombucha/wine picnic taps. Openers, please grab a towel and place it neatly underneath the taps so it catches drips throughout the day. Closers, please take that towel and toss it in the dirty bin at the end of the night.  

  • There’s been some unfilled/dirty ketchup/mustards in the AM. As a pre close or closer make sure that you are marrying these AND wiping them down.

  • Closers, when sweeping make sure to hit the ledge underneath the bar!


  • Let’s make sure to strain au jus at close really well.