• Oyster Week 4/1-4/17 - Get ready to sell/eat some oysters!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Final Pray for Snow on Thursday 3/14!


  • All Staff Meeting next Thursday 3/21 at 11am - we use this meeting to touch on some bigger issues in preparation for busier days and to acclimate some of our newer staff

  • To touch briefly on chatting with parents who don’t parent - some good verbiage to use is something along the lines of “We don’t want any behavior to impact the experience of other customers!” This can then shift it hopefully so the parents understand it’s not all about them!

  • As many of you have probably seen, there is a hole in the barrel room wall! A door is going to be installed and this room will be available for special events. We will allow people to make reservations and use it as a separate special event space. It will have ~24 total occupancy. It will also be open for various in-house events such as Pray for Snow, Oyster Fest, etc.

  • Just a reminder to not place anything within 48” of the electrical panels in the breezeway. In addition, make sure to keep the areas in front of the sprinkler system risers and any other place that is squared off with black and yellow striped tape clear of items. All of these things are both fire code violations and OSHA violations. Please help us keep this area clear pallets, recycling canisters, crates, carts, boxes and anything else.

  • Great job rockin the house this weekend with all the craziness with the pub closure!


  • We’re going to implement a packaged beer count from today until next Monday, 3/18. Openers & Closers, please count all packaged beer (both on the shelf and in the cooler on the pallet…don’t worry about the cellar stash bottles though!) and document on the spreadsheet that is in the binder. Please count individually (so per can/bottle) and try really hard to count accurately! Make sure to count after you’ve officially closed, too. Managers will then take care of the rest of the calculations.


  • Au Jus awareness week! Make sure you’re measuring out ONLY a 2oz ladle.