• Welcome Board:

    • Pray for Snow next Thursday 2/14


  • Make sure to practice proper calling-out etiquette - as you’re reaching out to managers, please reach out to those managers working the day that you are trying to get coverage. Oftentimes a manager who is off-duty on a specific day doesn’t know what’s going on so they may not be the best resource! A copy of the calling-out policy will be sent out to you via HotSchedules.

  • Let’s try to encourage kiddos to NOT draw on the patio with chalk. It’s hard to get off and ends up getting tracked all over the place! We have those mobile chalkboards for a reason, so if you see a kid drawing on the patio bring them out a chalkboard and let them and the parents know our policy.

  • Please ensure to sign off on all lists appropriately!!! If you are unable to accomplish a task, let someone know so they can complete it later on, or circle it so it’s obvious it didn’t get done. Please don’t sign off on things if you didn’t actually do them!


  • When ringing in beers that get discounted (brewer’s beers, 5 years, etc.) always ring it in as normal pricing and then discount it from there. The discount should be given on full priced items.

  • No adults can order off the kids menu! Kid’s menu items are at a discounted price so we can encourage families with younger children to come in and dine and not break the bank! This is very intentional and non-negotiable.


  • It’s SPROUT TRACKING AWARENESS WEEK. Every serving needs to be weighed going forward. Make sure when you’re weighing it that a half portion is 5oz and a full portion is 9oz.

  • Don’t overcook the ham for the hog press - no one likes dry ham!

  • Double check recipes and procedures on every shift. Sometimes things get minorly tweaked, especially early on in new menu changes, so make sure you’re doing things right!