• Welcome Board:

    • Oregon Brewshed Alliance trivia fundraiser next Thursday 2/21

      • Beer and water trivia


  • It is time for us to be consistent and clear to our guests regarding what is acceptable behavior of children at the Tap Room.  In order to be successful in shifting the Tap Room customer culture from a freewheeling playground to a non-disruptive place to enjoy a pint and a meal, we ask that each and every one of you to lay down the law when necessary. Again, consistency from the entire staff is key to success here. Children need to be accompanied by/near an adult at all times. There is absolutely no running/jumping/climbing at the Tap Room. Please be polite but firm, clearly letting them know our expectations for a safe and enjoyable experience for their children as well as other guests.

    *We expect that you begin this now so please review the “How to Chat with Parents that Don’t Parent” write-up prior to your next shift for examples of verbiage to use and let a manager know if you have any questions. We are working on signage to educate our guests as well.

  • The new hot tea procedure is going great, keep on keepin’ on!

  • It’s MOP AWARENESS WEEK! Please change your water frequently - if it starts to look gnarly, CHANGE IT. And make sure to use a lot of water in the bucket! You should be using at least a halfway full bucket of water. Our floors show streaks so easily so it’s imperative to make sure that the water stays clean. Also, if you notice the mophead getting nasty, change that too! We always have extra mop heads so change ‘em out!

  • No normal monthly release this month - more details in this week’s newsletter!


  • To reiterate please don’t suggest to customers that we’ll hang on to their packaged beer in the cooler. If they ask we can (and keep the same policy with tagging it with the customers name), but don’t encourage it. People keep forgetting their beer and it’s sad!


  • We’re going to keep weighing brussel sprouts from here on out so we can stay consistent. Numbers looked good overall, though, so let’s keep em that way!