• Welcome Board:

    • Pray for Snow this Thursday 2/14!

    • Oregon Brewshed Alliance trivia fundraiser next Thursday 2/21

      • Beer and water trivia


  • Prosciutto is now a Brewer’s Board option!

  • We’re going to implement a new tea protocol - FOH, please put a hop card on the tea and ring it in. BOH, the ticket will then print in the kitchen and you will ding bell to show that a tea needs to be prepared. FOH, you then can come back and turn on the kettle. Please leave the ticket in the window until the tea is officially made and ran to the customer. FOH, this should be a reminder to you that a tea needs to get made! If you have questions please ask a manager. Also, if you have any suggestions on this process please feel free to let us know! It may continue to change and be fluid so please be flexible with us:)


  • We will be tapping some “reserve kegs” every Tuesday for the next few weeks so be on the lookout for those!

  • At shift change and at night when you swap the bucket underneath taps 13-24, actually swap the bucket out so the drip drain isn’t dripping into nothing. Also, if you notice the bus bin getting nasty swap it out/wash it!


  • Keep on weighing those sprouts!