• First wave of menu changes happen this Friday, 1/11! Details will be in this week’s newsletter.

  • Welcome Board:

    • Pray for Snow this Thurs 1/10!

    • Love Potion #9 on draft and in cans on Fri 1/18!


  • Similar to the pub, we will be offering a 100% discount on new food items as long as you give detailed feedback. This will run for 2 weeks after each menu change.

  • We want to make sure you’re all being conscious of your own safety after closing (as well as early in the morning for you bakers)! Please lock all doors once every customer is gone. Continue to use the buddy system one should ever be in the building by themselves. If you see something suspicious or if you feel uncomfortable after close, never hesitate to call non-emergency! The non-emergency number is (541) 766-6911. We will be posting this in a few conspicuous places for convenience and quick-dialing.

  • Aardvarks cannot be married as they ferment, but we can refill empty and clean small bottles from the larger bottle that lives in the reach-in. Try to do this as much as possible so we don’t have to keep ordering more and more plastic!

  • Salsa & guac should go in big silver bullets for the large plate salsa/guac plates! Hummus and queso should still go in white ramis.


  • Rock on!


  • Pretzel tracking this week was perfect. Good going, keep it up!

  • Hit the freezer and reach-in with stainless steel polish - it will be added to a list soon.