• Super Nebula release this weekend! Get ready to rock!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Super Nebula Release on Saturday, 2/2!

    • Super Bowl on Sunday with SOUND!!

    • Tap Talks on Tuesday, 2/5 - Your Wildlife Refuge Neighbors


  • Hot tea is now an option on our menu! Evening in Missoula and Jasmine Green are the two options we will have.


  • We have a glass gravy separator now! Please utilize when beers are foamy. Make sure to wash it in the FOH dishwasher only and store somewhere on the clean glass rack.  

  • Coffee cups for tea will live in a red rack where the lambic rack used to live.

  • Let's try to focus on keeping boxes and flats organized in the walk-in. If it’s a heavy packaged beer selling day, feel free to keep some flats/boxes around to package up beer in. Please keep them neat and organized, though. If you end up having a lot of flats/boxes around, instead of breaking them down and recycling, take them to the back building and store them by the depalletizer (basically to the left of the breezeway roll-up door as you’re looking at it from the inside). Ask a brewer if you have questions!


  • Rock on!