• Bourbon Month Bottle Release on Saturday, 2/2 - doors open at 9:30am and the release begins at 11am. All beer information is in the newsletter!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Love Potion #9 available in 16oz cans!

    • Check out new menu items!

    • Super Nebula Release on Saturday, 2/2!


  • Please only clock in within that 5-minute window before your shift, unless you are explicitly asked to clock-in early by the folks already working. If this is the case, it’s still expected that you come onto shift prepared with all relevant pre-shift information!

  • All ½-size sides come in blue bowls, and all full-size sides come in the silver bowl. The size of the blue bowl is deceiving (it looks almost the same size as the silver bowl because of the wide lip), but portion wise it is truly half of size. FOH, please communicate this to customers if they seem concerned when getting their meal.

  • Please reset FOH mats at the end of the night after they get washed and the floors are mopped. This will help with them drying out and hopefully reduce slipperiness.

  • Any sort of invoice or office-related paperwork should go into the black metal wall holder to the right of Matt W.’s office. Please do not put them anywhere else other than this! Ask a manager if you have questions.

  • We have a large jug of Simple Green now that we will be using to refill the gallon jug that gets used at the mop sink. If you are the one to use the last of the large jug, please immediately write it on the board that we need more! This will ensure that we don’t run out and closers aren’t left with nothing to mop the floor.


  • Tea is going to be a hot beverage option available in the near future. More details to follow once we get the kettle in house!

  • Don’t forget to write kombucha on the order form when you change an empty keg! This will ensure that we always have a backup and are never running out completely.


  • Tuna tracking looks great! Keep on weighing it out to keep it consistent.