• Second wave of menu changes happen this Friday, 1/18! Details will be in this week’s newsletter.

  • Welcome Board:

    • Love Potion #9 on draft and in cans on draft on Friday, 1/18!

    • Super Nebula Release on Saturday, 2/2!


  • As of Friday, there will be no more mozzarella on the Mama Lil’s, FYI!

  • Protocol when customers call in with complaints that they are sick and think it came from us: direct them to the health department. There is a write-up that lives in the binder for you to refer to when talking to them - use this automatically, no matter what! DO NOT TELL THEM WE WILL FOLLOW UP WITH THEM. It needs to get deferred to the health department.


  • Monthly cleaning list lives in the binder now!

  • Employee food feedback hangs on a screw near the waste log/customer feedback right inside the swinging kitchen door.

  • While we’re still low on Belgian glasses, please use tulips for any 5oz pour.

  • If you notice that we are low on any sort of monies (bundles of 1’s & 5’s, rolls of quarters, etc.), PLEASE let a manager know via text or verbally. Especially as a closer, if you have less than $10 of quarters and no back up rolls, please let the next day manager know so they can grab quarters! Same thing with bundles. Use your best judgment and let someone know so we don’t a.) run out or b.) have to make a manager run to the pub in the middle of a shift.

  • Make sure to put distro checks securely back on the cooler wall once you’ve received them. Even better, if you have time you can run them up to the distro office and put them on the first desk to the right when you walk in. We don’t want checks to run off or go missing!

  • We’ve had some concerns regarding changing beer boards during service and the safety issues that arise with that. In order to try to help this, we’ve added to the opening list the following: check the keg stock whiteboard...if there is less than 1 keg of a beer available, put that beer board on the bottom row of beer boards in service (so you’d still have empty boards on the bottom). This way, when that beer will most likely run out you’ll (ideally) only have to go up a few rungs of the ladder. This will throw off the order of beers ABV-wise, but safety is more important than order!;) If you have feedback or questions regarding this, please ask a manager!


  • You should be using a level gray scoop for tuna!

  • When you prep a batch of tuna, weigh it and log it on the kitchen whiteboard for tracking purposes.

  • Make sure you’re turning the dishwasher vent on in the AM so the steam/condensation from the dishwasher stays under control throughout the day.