• Happy National Cookie Day!

  • Welcome Board:

    • Tap Talks TODAY, 12/4 → Microplastic Occurrence and Effects in Coastal Fish Species

    • Dine Out next Tuesday, 12/11→ Jefferson School PTA

    • Pray for Snow next Thursday, 12/13! Get stoked!


  • As you’re parking down the street or in the Team Oregon lot, please try to pick up garbage if you see it, even if its not on our property! Makes the surroundings look a lot nicer for customers coming and going.

  • Winter Menu changes will happen on January 11 & 18 (both Fridays). FYI for ya if people are asking.

  • Autumn Farmhouse 2015 is available for employees to purchase by the case only for $12 (breaks down to $1/bottle). This will be available only at the tap room, and if you’re interested please inquire with FOH.


  • Please only offer chili as an entree bowl, do not advertise the cup option. Obviously if someone wants a cup they can get it, but we want to push the bowl more. The cup option can be found on the secret menu for that exact reason.

  • If you ever feel like the cooler is super crammed and you’re having a hard time changing kegs or getting to packaged beer, please ask for help when moving things. If you notice brewery-specific stuff in your way, feel free to ask a brewer to help you move things around.

  • As we start to label crowlers with the holiday Santa labels, make sure the 32oz. to Freedom is crossed off with black sharpie, and make sure it is crossed off as neatly as possible. We will have decals to cover this come next Wednesday, 12/12, which will be a neater solution.

  • We will want to have a couple crates of holiday Santa labeled crowlers available to use if people request them, and also available for pub transfer. This will be an easy project to tackle during some of those wintertime slow times!


  • In order to make sure that the marinated mushrooms don’t get served super oily, start your day with a strained 6-pan of marinated mushrooms from your main back.

  • The guac in ramis should be level-ish with some peaks and valleys, not overly heaping. Try to keep it consistent!

  • Keep an eye out for a regular chili procedure, especially for the garnishing portion.