• Holiday Hours:

    • Tap Room: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSED; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!)

    • Pub: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSING EARLY at 4pm; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!)

    • Caves: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSED; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Dec. 31 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!)

  • Welcome Board:

    • Hoppy New Year! can release on Wed 12/26

    • Resilience IPA release! 100% of sales go to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund.


  • You can give people a choice of glass for glassware promo (tulip or logo pint). There’s no need to push one specific type of glass.

  • Let’s always keep one full tulip/belgian rack and one full pint glass rack on the rack in the kitchen in between the dishwasher & prep sink. This allows us to be able to quickly throw some into circulation if we get rockin’.


  • We have a new email for reservations: Please use this for ALL RESERVATION REQUESTS. This will have an auto reply telling folks that we will get back to them within 48 hours.

  • Please use your discretion when putting the outside bus cart out. On very windy/blustery days it can easily roll away, so don’t put it out. In general, gauge how many people are utilizing the patio and go from there!

  • The calendar is updated with NCAAF bowl games, so make sure to look at it and turn the TV on if a bowl game is listed for the day!


    • Keep an eye on corni fills, especially if it looks like there’s ~1 fill left. You’ll want to double check to make sure that we have a backer on draft to finish filling the corni just in case there was actually less than 1 left. If the beer is 86’d on normal draft, it’s probably best to just 86 the corni fill. We don’t want to say we have a DAB Lab fill but then there’s not actually a full fill left. If you are unsure or confused, please ask a manager!

    • Keeping on with corni fills - use the whiteboard when telling people what we have available since that is the most updated board (the chalk board wouldn’t show if suddenly we 86’d Fluffhead throughout the day, but the whiteboard would).

    • We now have a scale to use for weighing corni fills! This will ensure that they are filled fully with beer and not foam. The finished weight should be 41.7lbs, or 8.34lbs/gal. Please read the write-up in the binder for more detailed instructions. Ask a manager with questions, especially since this is a new procedure!!


  • Make sure you’re not overpacking/overportioning salad bowls.

  • On the topic of salad, serve a singled out green salad on a small tin so fork and dressing can go on the tin and not precariously perched.

  • Queso looked good! Keep on scraping and reconstituting.