• Holiday Hours:

    • Tap Room: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSED; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!)

    • Pub: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSING EARLY at 4pm; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!); Potentially another day or two of closures TBA

    • Caves: Monday, Dec. 24 - CLOSED; Tuesday, Dec. 25 - CLOSED; Monday, Dec. 31 - CLOSED; Monday, Jan. 7 - CLOSED (Holiday Party!)

  • Welcome Board:

    • Pray for Snow this Thursday, 12/13! Get stoked!

    • Cosmic Cold Brew cans available!

    • NCAAF bowl games on the big screen!


  • Cup chili should always come with a half piece of cornbread, FYI!

  • We have new salad bowls! Side salads & large sides will come in these stainless bowls, and half sides will now always come in blue bowls. Soup cups should only be used for soup. Also please don’t put salads straight on paper...if someone orders a salad on the side of something it should go in a bowl!


  • Make sure to ask if people want the holiday crowler vs. normal crowler.

  • Crowler stickers are here! Put them on as neatly as possible. And FYI there is an easy peel slit on the back.

  • Make sure to check the Tap 13-24 bucket regularly! It has overflowed a few times, so we want to be checking it consistently throughout the day. At any shift change (coming or going), please check it. Also if you go change a keg or stock packaged beer, check the bucket!

  • If someone calls for a reservation and it is less than 10 people, please tell them that they can come in as normal and have first come first serve seating. People should only be directed to K10’s email if it is more than 10 people. It’s also helpful to get more information to weed out reservations that may not work (i.e. someone wants a Friday night reservation for 30 could easily tell people no right off the bat).

  • During this time of year especially (although this is pertinent all year long) when lots of gifts are being bought/given, we will honor the “free” fill with a 64oz/40oz hydroflask purchase by providing the buyer a gift card for the fill amount (so $13 for 64oz or $9.50 for 40oz) and giving that to them along with the hyrdoflask. This then allows the recipient to come in and get that hydroflask fill for “free.”

    • To ring this in, please ring in the hydroflask purchase as normal and then ring in a gift card purchase for whatever amount, and then go back to the offsite page and select the appropriate hyrdoflask purchase fill discount button. If you have any questions please ask a manager!


  • Queso awareness week! Reconstitute throughout the day so it doesn’t get crusty and dried out by the end of the day. Also make sure to scrape as much as you can off the edges consistently throughout the day too!

  • If someone orders chicken on a salad, cut the chicken into strips. The add on chicken for a nacho can still be diced.

  • As you go into the walk-in to grab something, it wouldn’t hurt if you could check FOH’s dump bucket as well (just a quick glance). If you notice it getting full, let someone know! Also thanks to you BOH’ers that have helped clean up that mess! You rock.