• New Monthly Specials start tomorrow!


  • Push Spring Amusement! We want to make space in the cooler for some awesome new beers.

  • Servers, Katy will be posting a reminder on how to drop money, please review it and follow the guidance. 😊 It will help all of us stay organized.

  • If you use the last of the chocolate sauce, please save the bottle to wash and be re-used. It can be run through the dishwasher after you take the label off.

  • Restock Servers, we have a lot of packaged beer at the moment- so it is in the cellar.

  • Openers: don’t use comet in the bathrooms any more- please follow the bathroom checklist as it lists what chemicals to use where.

  • When grabbing sauce for the line, always grab the bottle in front first, they are organized by date this way. (Ex. if there’s three mayo containers, grab the one closest to you to use)


  • Let’s focus on product rotation this week- always have older product up front.

  • Don’t forget to season the Tuscan with salt and pepper.