• Pick a cubby or take your shoes home from the break room by Friday please- they will be donated if not picked up.

  • We have placed beer names on cubbies so that they can be easily reused later and reduce the use of tape, please only use that identification for yourself.

  • New break room table will be here Wednesday, please keep the break room clean in the mean time for ease of access and to keep it nice and new.

  • When replacing mop heads, take the old ones downstairs, don’t leave them in the sink.

  • If you access the new walk-in in prep, please close the door completely to make sure the seal is closed, don’t slam it, just pull it tight.

  • New crackers will start once we run out of the packaged! Either tonight or tomorrow. Procedure will be posted by Sarah.

  • If you are backing something out (i.e. backing out ranch, making whipped cream) date according to the original date it was made or when the container was initially opened, not when you backed it out.


  • Make sure the FOH monthly cleaning tasks are getting done.

  • The host/food runner shift change and sani lists live in the host stand on the lost and found clipboard-please mark off a duty the second it is done and make sure all tasks are completed.

  • There will now be a hold avocado button with a discount attached to it for when we are out (it is under the modifier screen). Please only use this button when we’re actually out of avocados.

  • There will also be a 2oz Pork add-on button only for burgers because it is a better fit on burgers. Don’t use this button for any other add-ons.

  • When picking printer rolls for the kitchen- pick the rolls with one sheet of paper on the roll (not the ones with a second paper that’s yellow on the roll) for regular rolls. The rolls with yellow sheets in them are expo rolls only. FOH rolls are also shiny not matte like the kitchen.


  • Make sure the buns for the American burger are toasty, drop them before the burger- double check the update on the procedure for it if needed.

  • ·Please focus on cleanliness on the line, make sure your cutting board is clean and the window is clean to keep plates tidy on the top and the bottom.

  • Save celery hearts for Caves please.

  • Avocados should not be left upstairs to ripen- it is too warm.