• Summer can mean that we will have slow times throughout the day. Please stay busy during this time and try not to congregate at the host stand or server stations. If you’re looking for something to do to stay busy- ask a manager. We recognize that space is more limited with the remodel, but if you’re off the clock, please make room for working employees.

  • Don’t forget to check out with managers before clocking out- especially closers, we need to do that walk through before you go and we may need you to wait with us for safety reasons.


  • We will have a new bourbon Block 15 Barrel selection soon. Once the Eagle Rare is gone, we will switch to Buffalo Trace. It is $7.50 for one 1.5oz. pour.

  • Servers, when you are phased, we expect you to be done 15-20 minutes after your phase time (no later than 30 minutes unless extenuating circumstances). Sometimes there are breaks and other things that get in the way and we will keep that in mind when phasing you. Hosts, we expect you to be done in about 10 minutes. Be prepared for managers to give you expected out times at time of phasing.

  • Closers, please wipe down the host anti-fatigue mat with simple green and a used sani towel before leaving.

  • Please prop the kitchen swing door by the ice machine open at night with a chair (sometimes takes two chairs) to keep that area ventilated overnight. Openers, please place the chair(s) back where it belongs before we unlock the door.


  • Let’s focus on plating bullets this week. If sauce spills on the side for an entrée, that’s fine but let’s try to plate it so that sauce doesn’t fall onto the entrée item itself making the bread soggy.

  • The shop vac should be dumped and cleaned when you’re done with it. Leave it open when you’re finished and managers will double check it.

  • When wiping down under the make table, please scrub everything off the shelf and walls.

  • Let’s make sure we’re using old herbs first. They should only be making it to the bus tub and if they don’t look good, throw them out and waste log them before grabbing more.