• New cocktails, lemonades, and house sodas today!

  • New desserts today as well- mixed berry pavlova and peanut butter pie.

  • Dine out at the tap room today for DaVinci Days.

  • There is now a guide in the food bible explaining meat temps for burgers with verbiage and pictures to help you all understand them better. Please familiarize yourself with this and keep in mind burgers come medium well standard.

  • Make sure you are recycling responsibly. Only glass goes into the glass recycling bin and all other recycling besides cardboard can go into commingled recycling. Milk and half & half cannot be recycled. If you’re unsure of what’s recyclable, ask a friend.


  • Servers, don’t offer meat temps to customers, if they request a temp, we will do it but our burgers will come standard medium well.  

  • Make sure if a customer has not had our tuna sandwich that they understand what it will be like. Please clarify with them that it is flaked and lightly dressed with a citrusy flavor. If you haven’t tried it and want a sample, please ask a line cook. The tuna for the sandwich is the same tuna for the Mediterranean salad.

  • If there is a location next to an employee’s name on a food ticket, please run it to that location. If the location is the office or no location, they can pick it up. If you have time to run office food, please do so but don’t make it the priority in running tickets up. (ex. “Katy- office” or “Julia- brewbar” vs. “Amanda”)

  • Servers, please do your money at the brewbar as envelopes live there right now and take your drop to the bartender when you’re done until further notice/until there’s a safer path to access the mailbox.


  • Thank you all for working so hard this past weekend and for being flexible during construction!