• Mother’s Day is this weekend and we also have a few events going on- keep up with that newsletter!  

  • New Spring food menu will launch next week- check your newsletter for details.

  • Reminder: tan dumpsters are for cardboard and blue dumpsters are for garbage.

  • New Mug club year started last week - one of their benefits is their first beer in house is free- servers: button is “mug club free beer” and will prompt for their mug number.


  • Ketchup awareness week. Make sure they aren’t fermented (it will have a lot of little bubbles in the bottle), clean them when they’re empty and upon refill. Married ketchups will be refrigerated overnight in the kitchen reach-in as well.

  • To preserve lemons- split a store n’ pour of lemons between floors (put them in kids cups with lid and throw out what is left over at the end of the night and let bar know how much (if any) was wasted.

  • We don’t do weekend gameroom reservations, meaning we can’t do reservations for OSU graduation.

  • Servers: please water the front planters daily and check them in the afternoon/at shift change.

  • Before delivering to-go food to customers, ensure they have paid with the bar by checking in with bartender.

  • Reminder: don’t use cups to scoop ice- it will result in chipped rims and force us to throw them away.

  • Bring dessert menus back upstairs when you’re done- don’t leave in breakroom.

  • Warm weather this weekend- be ready for outside section to get busy.

  • Bring a knife and fork for guests with Huli Huli.

  • We now can get guests a second tartar sauce for Fish and fries, if they need, without charge. As always, guests can have two sauces with fry baskets and full chicken tender baskets.


  • Closers, please keep the mop sink and ice bin area clean and tidy when closing. Scrub under everything and tuck away items neatly.

  • Closers, don’t forget to take out grease buckets at end of night.

  • Keep an eye out regarding information about weekly tracked food items on white boards to help us stay on top of them.

  • Please scrub the wall of Caves with a deck brush weekly (it will be added to weekly project list). Also, sweep up dried crud under that wall before washing.

  • Continue to keep an eye on chip freshness. Fry them first to allow them to cool so they don’t steam in containers, you can leave them at the bar to cool if needed. When we are slow, make sure the lids are closed tightly.