• If you haven’t sampled tempeh- please try some. Line: just drop a piece for people that need to sample it and track it. Also, refresh yourself on what tempeh actually is, guests will ask.

  • Please keep dairy items towards the left in the fridge, there’s a piece of tape denoting which area it should go in. Otherwise, it will be stored in a warm pocket and need to be thrown out.


  • There will now be oranges in the cellar again. If you can’t find any, ask the bar manager.

  • We will be serving Superfool (our new red wine offering) starting on Friday.

  • Preclosers/Closers: please remember to refrigerate married ketchups overnight.

  • Starting Thursday (5/22), we will be installing carpet downstairs, which means we will also start mopping upstairs at close alongside mopping all downstairs wood flooring. We will continue team closing.

  • Openers will vacuum all carpet in the morning starting Friday.


  • Let’s focus on protein portioning and presentation this week. Specifically, let’s really focus on portioning smoked chicken. Weigh it out sporadically throughout your shift for consistency.

  • The portioning for shiitake po’ boy is 2 ounces- continue to weigh every time.

  • Keep an eye on the portion for kid’s rice bowl as well, it is two green scoops.