• Spring menu changes went live today! We will have tempeh available as an add-on or as a sub starting tomorrow- it is slightly smoked and delicious!

  • If you notice any posters (the ones normally hanging on windows) taken down or missing a sticky hook or are dirty, please fix them.


  • When putting away ketchups at night, make sure we aren’t moving anything shelf-wise, just slide items over to make room (raw items must stay on bottom shelf). Ask kitchen staff if you need help finding room.

  • On the subject of ketchups, please make sure they are wiped down after they are filled so they aren’t sticky the next day.

  • Please help bus and wipe the brewbar and rail as needed.

  • Alongside other menu changes tomorrow, we will be changing how we offer sides. Please tell guests, “Your burger/sandwich comes standard with fries, if you would like, you may upgrade to soup or salad.” The upcharge for a side of soup or salad will be $1.


  • We will be weighing mushrooms for the Po Boy from now on for consistency. Sarah will announce what the weight is soon.

  • If you are transferring something from Block to Caves or from Caves to Block, have a lead or manager of the location you are taking from sign off on the transfer sheet for it. If no lead or manager is on, ask whoever is there.

  • If you transfer three different items or more, fill out an invoice and have someone sign off on it and leave a copy above the recycling bin (ex. “1 jar of capers, 1 jar of mayo, and 2 oranges” would need to be invoiced). Ask a manager if you have questions.

  • Please pay attention to rotation of all items in all areas. Newest always needs to go in back so the oldest items are used first. This goes for items in prep and in upstairs kitchen. Double check your dates.

  • Do your best to work ahead on prepping bacon ahead of rushes, we want to stay away from frying bacon. If it’s an emergency and prep is still here- they can throw some in the oven.