• OSU Baseball is happening Friday at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at 6 p.m., and Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

  • Spring Family Weekend is this weekend (May 4th-6th) at OSU, it will be busy!

  • New Monthly Specials start tomorrow- check your newsletter for details.

  • Spring menu changes will be happening on May 15th.

  • New Mug club year starts tomorrow- one of their benefits is their first beer in house is free- servers: button is “mug club free beer” and will prompt for their mug number.

  • When recycling cardboard, fill the bin closest to Jefferson St. first before using other bins.


  • Servers: please water the front planters daily starting now. It will be on your lists officially starting next week.

  • Dog water bowls should go back to dish every time we reset a table after the guest and their dog leaves. Every dog should have fresh water and tables without dogs shouldn’t have bowls under their feet.


  • It is invoice and bread organization awareness week! Make sure what we are receiving is actually here and put away properly- especially bread.

  • Make sure nothing is left under the grill and clean under it really well when closing.

  • Day dishwashers: make sure to check out with night dishwashers as you’re leaving. Keep your eye out for a shift change list to fill out before you leave for the day.

  • Please put the downstairs ice cream back in the freezer the second you have grabbed what you needed so it’s not forgotten and left to melt.

  • Don’t forget to initial your chips once you’ve made them.

  • We will be using the flat 1.5 oz bullets for all sauces (except thin sauces, i.e. dressings like rosemary balsamic). There will be more updates on bullet usage in the newsletter, so please familiarize yourself with these changes.

  • Make sure to finish containers before opening new ones- scrape out every last bit (especially sour cream and mayonnaise). Also, please initial and date new containers that you open.